15 Things You Will Never Do

  paint with all the colours of the wind date a manatee dance the Lindy Hop in an alternate universe where everything is two¬†dimensional beat me in an eating contest eat me in an eating contest ride Bea Arthur like a horse question your belief in astrology after you emigrate to Mars, where the stars […]

Smith Street Shambler

he shambles down Smith street. he is not drunk. his face is crinkled but would look more so if it were not covered by a leonine mane of grey. yes, he shambles, but shambles with purpose. no one, perhaps not even the man himself, knows what that purpose is. i hear him before i see […]

The Woman with the Terracotta Pot

she is dressed in a pinstripe pantsuit, a straw hat and she has a navy blue eyepatch over her left eye. but the first thing i notice is the way she holds the terracotta pot. she cradles it like an earthenware infant. she does not coo or coddle or shush it, but it would not […]