Nietzsche on writing with blood

Of all that is written, I love only what man has written with his blood. Write in blood, and you will experience that blood is spirit. That everyone may learn to read, in the long run corrupts not only writing but also thinking. Once the spirit was God, then he became a man, and now […]

Writing the Other

In a less than metaphorical sense, all creative writing is writing the Other. Yes, memoir and autobiography too. Even when you’re writing about yourself, your Self is abstracted out into a literary echo of the totality of your subjectivity. An impression or expression is the best you can hope for. Because you are yourself not made […]

Coming Around Again

sometimes it seems as if the phd was a mistake. a waste of precious time. something i did not think over seriously enough. something i decided to do partially because of the financial security of a guaranteed scholarship stipend for three and a half years. don’t get me wrong, i was interested in my topic […]