The Woman with the Terracotta Pot

she is dressed in a pinstripe pantsuit, a straw hat and she has a navy blue eyepatch over her left eye. but the first thing i notice is the way she holds the terracotta pot. she cradles it like an earthenware infant. she does not coo or coddle or shush it, but it would not […]


i’ve been collecting oxygen particles for most of my life. i’m a card-carrying member of the Australian Air Fanciers Association. yes, i am that serious. people think collectors are sad, lonely people. or maybe even a little obsessive. but honestly, air collecting is different. it is one of the most rewarding hobbies i’ve ever experienced. […]

Edit or Dread It?

Some writers really hate the edit and polish stage. They prefer to drift across the ocean of pure composition, lulled along by the gentle word-waves. Editing for them seems like running aground on a desert island, realising all that lovely floating led you to a place where you’ve got shit to do. A lot of it. […]