Film Notes: Alien (Ridley Scott)

Can anything new be said about Ridley Scott’s Alien? Yes…please, Ridley Scott, stop making ill-conceived prequels to the original. But otherwise, probably not, but there are several elements that make this a classic. Here, in no particular order, are three reasons why you should watch or revisit it. # Sexual Grotesque Swiss artist H.R. Giger […]

Where have all the icons gone?

The death of David Bowie affected me more than I thought it would. But in a different sort of way. I’m normally pretty phlegmatic about celebrity deaths, births and marriages, and I wasn’t even a huge Bowie fan. I mean, I’ve loved the existential sadness of Space Oddity since I was a kid, playing my […]

Film notes: I’m Not There (Todd Haynes)

You should go see Todd Haynes’ new film, Carol, in cinemas right now. Haynes is probably one of my favourite directors, so I thought I’d share some thoughts on his preceding film, I’m Not There, which I recently rewatched. I’m Not There takes the life and work of musician and poet Bob Dylan as inspiration, with several […]